19 parishes of Lisbon region with new mandatory lockdown

  • ECO News
  • 25 June 2020

The Portuguese government has again imposed a new mandatory lockdown in 19 parishes of the Lisbon region. El Pais reported the measures made by the State but... with wrong information.

Portugal’s government approved this Thursday the transition to a state of alert in most of the country, except for a group of 19 parishes in the Lisbon region, which remain in a state of calamity, and the Lisbon region, which moves to a state of contingency.

The government has once again imposed a new mandatory lockdown in 19 parishes of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, which are in a state of calamity. The announcement was made this Thursday by Prime Minister António Costa, as he left the meeting of the Council of Ministers, who specified that the measure will last 15 days.

In question is, of course, the entire municipality of Amadora, namely the parishes of Alfragide, Águas Livres, Falagueira/Venda Nova, Encosta do Sol, Venteira and Mina de Água, as well as the entire municipality of Odivelas, specifically the parishes of Odivelas, Pontinha/Famões, Póvoa de Santo Adrião/Olival de Basto and Ramada/Caneças.

In the municipality of Sintra, the parishes covered are Agualva/Mira Sintra, Algueirão/Mem Martins, Cacém/S. Marcos, Massamá/Monte Abraão, Queluz/Belas and Rio de Mouro. In the municipality of Loures it is Camarate/Unhos/Apelação and Sacavém/Prior Velho and, in the municipality of Lisbon, the decision covers the parish of Santa Clara. Know here everything that changes in the country from July 1st:

19 parishes in the Lisbon region:

  • The gatherings are limited to five people.
  • All citizens are subject to the civic duty of home confinement.
  • Trade fairs and markets are prohibited.
  • The authorities will step up surveillance.

Lisbon Metropolitan Area

  • The gatherings are limited to ten people.
  • Commercial establishments are required to close at 8 pm, except restaurants that serve meals or have take-away service, supermarkets and hypermarkets, gas stations, clinics, offices, veterinarians, pharmacies, funeral homes and sports equipment.
  • The sale of alcoholic beverages at service stations is prohibited.

The rest of the country

  • The gatherings are limited to 20 people.
  • The consumption of alcohol on public roads is prohibited.
  • The rules of physical distance, use of masks, capacity and hygienization of public spaces are maintained.
  • Home confinement remains mandatory for patients and people under active surveillance by health authorities because they have been in contact with Covid-19 infected.


El País mistakenly reporting Portuguese confinement

The decisions announced on Thursday by the Portuguese government were highlighted on today’s cover of the Spanish newspaper El País, however, the information they reported was… incorrect. The front page read “Portugal orders the confinement of 3 million Lisbon citizens”. 

It should be noted that the government has imposed the civic duty of home confinement only in 19 parishes and not in the whole metropolitan area of Lisbon. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already reacted to the situation and issued a statement saying that the information present in the newspaper is not correct.

“The title of today’s El País front page (“Portugal orders the confinement of 3 million Lisbon citizens”) is totally false. On the contrary, much of the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon (with the exception of 19 parishes, of the 118 parishes of AML) has moved on to a new phase of deconfinement (from the “calamity situation” to the “situation of contingency”),” said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the communiqué.

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