Jerónimo Martins will pay a bonus of 500 euros to employees

  • ECO News
  • 6 April 2020

The bonus will increase 5% compared to last year. The value is the same in Portugal, Poland and Colombia.

Jerónimo Martins increased the extraordinary annual bonus that it will distribute to employees following the results for 2019. The owner of Pingo Doce will distribute 500 euros to employees in stores and distribution centres in the three markets in which it operates, an increase of 5% on the value distributed in the previous year.

“This bonus is intended to recognise the work and share the satisfaction for the results obtained in 2019 and it will be awarded to approximately 71,500 employees, in all three countries (Portugal, Poland and Colombia),” says the company led by Pedro Soares dos Santos in a statement.

The retailer explains that this bonus will be distributed among 80% of eligible employees in Portugal, reaching almost 21 thousand people, “which represents an 10 million euros investment.” The Group employs over 115,000 people, 30% of whom are in Portugal.

This type of bonus is paid in Portugal for the 14th consecutive year, and accumulates with the monthly variable remuneration in force and “with the various programmes and actions to support employees in health, education and family welfare,” reports the Portuguese company.