Galp’s CEO earned more. Salary was close to 1.8 million euros

  • ECO News
  • 24 March 2020

Carlos Gomes da Silva earned more for being executive president of the Portuguese oil company. Remuneration increased 1.5% in 2019.

Carlos Gomes da Silva’s salary was increased last year. The overall remuneration of Galp Energia’s CEO increased by 1.5%, reaching 1.8 million euros, revealed the Portuguese oil company in a statement sent to the Securities Market Commission (CMVM).

After receiving 1.75 million euros in 2018 last year, and in a period when the profits of the leading company shrank by 21% to 560 million euros, the CEO’s salary grew to 1.778 million euros.

The fixed remuneration was 980 thousand euros, but among variable remunerations,  Pensions Saving Plans (PPR) and others, the total value was almost double. Last year’s bonus was 181 thousand euros, less than the 227 thousand euros of the multiannual bonus. With PPR alone it received 245 thousand euros.

Gomes da Silva received almost twice as much from Galp Energia’s best paid executive director. Thore E. Kristiansen received 923 thousand euros, while José Carlos Silva received 840 thousand euros.

In total, Galp Energia’s executive management received 6.629 million euros, with 3.6 million corresponding to the fixed remuneration, and the remaining three million were bonuses.