Government announces new containment measures for coronavirus

  • ECO News
  • 12 March 2020

Portugal's Government has decreed the closure of all teaching activities until April 9th.

António Costa’s Executive decreed, this Thursday, the closing of all teaching activities, in all grades, until April 9th, when the Government will reassess the measure. Also, the nightclubs will be closed and restaurants will see their capacity reduced. Public services and shopping centers will have limited attendance.

“The world has faced an exceptional situation in recent months that poses immense challenges,” the Prime Minister said. “This is a struggle for our own survival, for protecting the health of the Portuguese,” he added.

And although the National Health Council (CNSP) recommended on Wednesday that schools be closed only by order of the health authorities, the Government has proceeded with the closure of all educational establishments, from next Monday until April 9th, when it will reassess the measure.

According to the current law, workers who have to be absent from work to accompany their children are not entitled to social protection, but António Costa says he will create a “special mechanism” that will ensure partial payment of wages.