First coronavirus cases confirmed in Portugal

  • ECO News
  • 2 March 2020

The first two cases of coronavirus were detected in the country. The information is advanced by SIC.

The Coronavirus has arrived in Portugal. The health authorities have detected the first two cases of infection on Portuguese territory.

The information is being advanced by SIC Notícias, which states that one of the cases concerns a doctor who was on vacation in northern Italy, and who is hospitalized at Santo António Hospital. The other infected man is a person who used to work in Spain and is hospitalized at São João Hospital with mild symptoms.

This information marks Portugal’s entry into the list of more than 60 countries with confirmed cases of infection by Covid-19 disease, which is caused by a new strain of coronavirus that originated in the Chinese province of Hubei.

The first case in Portugal represents an escalation in the concerns surrounding this epidemic, at a time when there are already tens of thousands of people with the infection worldwide. Although most cases are in China, the number of infected by Coronavirus is already higher outside Chinese territory.

Italy, in Europe, is being one of the greatest concerns, with the region of Milan recording more than four hundred confirmed cases, according to official figures.