EDP repays in advance 69.2 million euros in bonds

  • ECO News
  • 28 January 2020

680.8 million in securities maturing in 2075. It has now announced that it will do the same with the remaining part, which reaches a total of 750 million euros.

EDP will reimburse the entire line of bonds that were issued in 2015 and matured only in 2075. After having issued new debt to buy back 680.8 million euros in the market, the company led by António Mexia has now announced that it will also reimburse the remaining 69.2 million that was left in line.

“EDP informs that it will proceed, with effect on March 2th, 2020, with the early repayment of 692 Notes representing the issue denominated “750,000,000 euros Fixed to Reset Rate Subordinated Notes due 2075,” for the total nominal value of
69,200,000.00, together with accrued and non-incurred interest,” announced in a statement to the Portuguese Regulator (CMVM).

Last week, EDP repurchased 680.8 million euros in securities maturing in 2075. The line has a balance of 750 million euros so it had repurchased 92.2% of the total debt line.

To finance this operation, the company led by António Mexia issued new bonds. The electric company paid 1.75% to issue 750 million euros in bonds representing subordinated green debt, with a maturity of 2080 and an option for early repayment 5.25 years after the issue date.