Auction of €970M 10-year debt, yields higher

  • Lusa
  • 13 November 2019

Portugal auctioned €970 million in debt, less than the announced maximum, in 10-year Treasury Bonds.

Portugal auctioned €970 million in debt on Wednesday, less than the announced maximum, in 10-year Treasury Bonds, with interest rates rising to 0.333%, compared to an all-time low of 0.264% in the previous comparable auction.

Demand for 10-year Treasury Bonds was €1.58 billion, 1.63 times the amount placed.

In the last comparable 10-year OT auction, held on 11 September, €600 million was auctioned, maturing on 15 June 2029, at an interest rate of 0.264%, even lower than the previous historical low of 0.510%, recorded on 10 July. Demand then reached €1.263 million, 2.11 times the amount placed.

IGCP, the agency that manages the public debt, had announced a bond auction for today maturing on June 15, 2029 (about 10 years) in an indicative global amount of between €750 million and €1 billion.