Mota-Engil requests reactivation of public investment

  • Lusa
  • 29 October 2019

The consensus that exists in Portuguese society and the public account situation should increase public investment, according to Mota-Engil CEO.

Mota-Engil’s executive chairman said on Monday that the “great consensus in Portuguese society”, the situation of public accounts and European funds should reactivate public investment.

“There’s a consensus on the need to increase public investment and where it should be done. A few years ago, it was always a source of controversy and party-political struggle. We must take advantage of this consensus, that public accounts are balanced and European funds so that public investment can be reactivated significantly,”, said today the executive president of Mota-Engil, Gonçalo Moura Martins.

The company’s leader was speaking to the journalists, on the sidelines of the session to determine the results of the company’s public offerings for subscription and exchange of bonds, in Lisbon.

“We had huge differences, we thought we were spending too much and now there is a relative consensus even in the sectors [where we should invest] – railroad, health, urban mobility, airport,” he said.

Gonçalo Moura Martins said that there are “two different dynamics,” in Portugal: “One in the private sector, very associated with the very dynamic moment of the real estate market,” and another, in the public sector, “where there have been delays”.

The executive president of Mota-Engil stressed that “many of the projects are complex, such as the metro, which has already been postponed one more time,” and that’s “not desirable, because public investment is being delayed,” which is now subject to a “great consensus in Portuguese society”.