People’s Party’s big defeat leads to the leader’s exit

  • ECO News
  • 6 October 2019

After knowing the first results, Assunção Cristas, leader of the People's Party (CDS), announced not to run again in the next race for the presidency of the party.

People’s Party’s (CDS) Leader, Assunção Cristas, announced this Sunday that, faced with the bad result of the CDS in the legislative, will convene an early congress and will not run again for the leadership of the party. The polls give a maximum of eight deputies to the CDS, below the current 18. Cristas succeeded Paulo Portas in March 2016.

According to the first results,  CDS was penalized by voters, with the political party seeing their parliamentary group shrink to three times less.

In a reaction to the first projections of the election results, the leader Assunção Cristas announced that she will request the “convocation of the National Council of the People’s Party with a view to holding an early congress” and assured that she will not run again in view of the results tonight.

We humbly accept the legislative result. I would like to congratulate the PS and wish António Costa success in driving the country’s destinies”, she added.