Country issues €1.25 bn in treasury-bonds with interest rate falling

  • Lusa
  • 13 March 2019

Portugal issued 1.25 billion euros in seven and 10-year treasury bonds this Wednesday, with interest rates falling to minimums even for the longer maturity bonds, the IGCP announced.

Portugal issued on Wednesday €1.25 billion, the maximum amount announced, in seven- and 10-year treasury bonds with interest falling to minimums ever in the longer period, as announced by Portugal’s Treasury and Public Credit Management Institution (IGCP).

According to the agency on Bloomberg, €862 million was issued in treasury bonds maturing on 15 June 2029 (about ten years) at the interest rate of 1.298%, a new minimum, lower than on 13 February (1.568%).

The 10-year treasury bond demand was €1.38 billion, 1.60 times the amount placed.

The treasury bond maturing on 21 July 2026 (about seven years) had €388 million placed at an interest rate of 0.763%, and demand reached €976 million, 2.52 times the amount placed.

Regarding the previous seven-year auction, which took place on 14 September 2016, €500 million were issued at 2.817%.

The agency had announced two auctions on Wednesday maturing on 21 July 2026 (about seven years) and on 15 June 2029 (about ten years), with an overall indicative amount between €1 billion and €1.25 billion.