Autoeuropa extends the production of Sharan until 2022

  • ECO News
  • 11 February 2019

Palmela's car factory will see the volume of production of this model decrease until 2022, but it was supposed to end in 2020. The company has also announced it will make new investments.

Autoeuropa will decrease its production of Sharan, a van, which was due to be manufactured only until 2020. Instead of completely stopping to produce this model, the company has said that it will extend production by two more years, as ECO’s sources gathered.

The factory’s board of administrators got together this Monday to discuss with the syndicates the extension of the model’s production until 2022, which will come along with a reduction in the number of vehicles produced.

During the meeting, this Monday morning, the company has committed to continue investing in the factory, after the syndicates had shown concern regarding that exact issue — a concern which was welcomed by the company’s board.

One of the other issues on the agenda for that meeting was the revision of the current schedule policy. The administration, however, hasn’t committed yet with a specific date for setting new schedules, and only announced that the three daily shifts plus the two daily shifts on Saturdays and Sundays are to be maintained for as long as the production volume needs so.

All will depend on the intensity of production of T-ROC, a new model, which had very high demand (although it still was below the set targets for 2018, at 240 thousand vehicles).

This accelerated rhythm of production has made syndicates show great concern for accidents at work and sickness related to work. The concern, however, is shared by the syndicates and the company, and in March there will be a new meeting with the hygiene and safety representative in the company.