Country has second biggest rate of engineering grads, Eurostat

  • ECO News
  • 25 January 2019

According to the Eurostat, the country is producing a high rate of engineering grads and is the runner up at the European level in this variable.

Portugal had the second biggest proportion of engineering graduates in 2016 in the European Union (EU), according to figures released on Friday by Eurostat.

According to figures from the European statistics office, there were 21% of engineering graduates in Portugal in 2016, after Germany (22%) and followed by Austria (20%), with the EU average being 15%.

Over a third of students (34%) in higher education graduated in 2016 in social sciences, journalism, economy and management or law.

Engineering represented 15% of graduates, while health represented 14%, followed by arts and humanities and natural sciences, maths, statistics (11%) and education (9%).