Angola has a debt of €270m with 24 Portuguese companies

  • ECO News
  • 23 November 2018

The Angolan finance minister, Archer Mangueira, has confirmed that the country is in debt with 24 Portuguese companies. The minister is part of the delegation visiting Portugal this week.

The process of certifying State debts in Angola has confirmed that 24 Portuguese companies are owed €270 million, Angola’s Finance Minister said on Monday.

“The certification process is underway, but so far we have 24 Portuguese companies in the certification process, which account for over 150 billion kwanzas that are being claimed, but of this total, 94 billion kwanzas, or around €270 billion have been certified,” Mangueira told Lusa in Lisbon on Thursday.

The minister, who is part of the delegation accompanying the Angolan President, João Lourenço, on a three-day state visit to Portugal, said the certification process was ongoing.

Therefore, he added, “the complaints continue and, meanwhile, we have also published an executive order on debt claims establishing a limit.”

“As part of that we will be able to set a cut-off date,” in the process, Mangueira said.

The update of the figures the minister provided to Lusa, the Portuguese news agency, shows an increase of €70 million compared with figures given by the Angolan Foreign Minister on Wednesday, who said debts totalled around €200 million and that, of that, €100 million had already been paid before President João Lourenço arrived in Portugal.