Rio, PSD, claims Galamba’s appoitment as state secretary for energy “is a partisan choice”

  • ECO News
  • 16 October 2018

The leader of the social democrats, Rui Rio, has reacted to the appointment, claiming that "the parliamentarian [Galamba] has no great experience in terms of energy issues".

The leader of the social democrats (PSD), Rui Rio, in reaction to the news this Monday, accused the Government of favouring their political agenda, as he considers placing Galamba as State Secretary for Energy, to be a “partisan choice”.

In statements to the press, entering the PSD supporters summit, in Aveiro, the social democrats’ leader said that the energy sector represents “an important political position, which needs someone with high technical expertise”, also stating that “João Galamba is not known for having considerable background training and experience in the energy sector, specifically”. “His lack of background makes me believe this appointment is mostly a political choice then one focused on the technical skills required for this job.

If the choice is confirmed, the former spokesperson of the socialists will take over Seguro Sanches spot, which is seen by the social democrats’ leader as “a bad sign”, especially in the context of increasing tension between energy companies like EDP and the government”, he noted.

“The partisanship solution does not look good, and the previous state secretary at least showed some autonomy, some initiative, and independence in terms of his decisions and policies. I do not expect that this will be the case from now on, with Galamba”, he added.

This Monday, the Portuguese President sworn in the new ministers for Defence, Economy, Health, and Culture. In the context of the government’s reshuffle the Minister for the Environment, João Pedro Matos Fernandes, added a new folder to his affairs: Energy issues are now subordinated to this Ministry, which had up until now been under the control of the Economy Ministry.