State Budget 2019 was finally delivered to the Parliament

  • ECO News
  • 16 October 2018

The State Budget for 2019 has finally arrived at the Parliament. The press conference was re-scheduled for tomorrow.

The State Budget 2019 has finally been delivered to the Parliament, shorltly before midnight, this Monday night.

The Minister of Finance, speaking to reporters after handing in the documents to Ferro Rodrigues, the President of the Portuguese Parliament,stated that “there were no delays or constraints due to negotiation hassles” and that “the state budget had been planned for all of the Portuguese”, when asked about the wage increases.

“The work we do is very rigorous, it requires a certain thoroughness, that is the main reason why it has suffered a delay; negotiations had already ended Saturday” he told the news.

“We are focused on valuing the state employees, we want or public employees motivated when they come to work, and many measures in the State Budget will take that into account”, he added.

“We will discuss tomorrow all your doubts regarding the OE2019, as expected”, when pressured to give more information, he just highlighted tomorrow’s press conference, to be held at the Ministry of Finance, where the official State Budget will finally be discussed.

“We have focused on issues like transports, culture, and housing” and he also highlighted that “this administration was working hard towards the convergence of living standards with the eurozone”.