Porto creates toolkit to spike up startup investment

  • ECO News
  • 25 September 2018

Invicta wants to attract international investors interested in betting on their regions' startups. To help investors, the city created an investment guideline, the ScaleUp Porto Toolkit.

Porto’s City Hall has decided to continue betting on attracting investment to the region. That’s the reason why they created this toolkit for investors to get to know the region’s potential and stimulate investors.

Around 80 innovative corporations, managers, entrepreneurs and independent investors were present at the presentation of the ScaleUp Porto toolkit at the Smart CApital 2018 event.

The event focuses on the new tech startups in the region and the city of Porto and is produced in partnership with Porto Business School. It identifies startups, tech companies, and other innovative projects in the region, describing how entrepreneurial the area is and which opportunities exist for investment, as ScaleUP Porto explained.

“Porto is a city with countless opportunities for venture capital. We want to develop conditions so that companies can scale-up from this town, creating a sustainable ecosystem for innovation”, the vice-mayor of Porto, Filipe Araújo, announced.

According to the latest ScaleUp Porto data release from 2016, the city has attracted over 300 startups during the last few years, which makes Porto the owner of 40% of the country’s scaleups, with around 20 startup incubators in the region.