Engineers from CPLP discuss climate change at 3rd congress

  • ECO News
  • 12 September 2018

The Community of Portuguese Language Countries, organized its third congress on climate change this Wednesday. Leaders and engineers want to promote debate and raise awareness, and find solutions.

Engineering experts and members of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP) gathered in the capital of Mozambique on Wednesday to discuss the implications of climate change and other major issues for the sector at the 3rd Congress of Portuguese Language Engineers.

”The idea is to create a debate among players in this area of Portuguese-language countries, with the main concern being climate change,” Feliciano Dias, deputy president of Mozambique’s society of engineers, told Lusa.

The meeting also aims to “promote direct contact between entities responsible for developing public policies in several countries, in order to enhance synergies and foster multilateral contacts,” its organisers said in a statement.

The congress was envisaged as a platform for communication between those working in engineering in CPLP member countries and Macau, a former colony of Portugal that is now part of China.

Other issues to be debated at the congress include natural resources, in particular oil, gas and minerals – three of Mozambique’s main sources of wealth.

The first Congress of Portuguese Language Engineers took place in 2012, in Lisbon; the second was in 2014, in Macau.

Source: Lusa