“We have to keep up the work that has been done”, Centeno says

  • ECO News
  • 7 September 2018

Eurogroup president and finances minister of Portugal spoke in Vienna this Friday about the financial situation of his country, stating that " Portugal met all the targets set in the state budget".

Portugal’s finance minister and the president of the Eurogroup, Mário Centeno, said in Vienna on Friday that Portugal has met all the budget targets that were established and that the alerts from institutions about consolidating the country’s finances were natural.

Asked about the alerts left by the European Commission (EC) and the European Central Bank (ECB) in a mission report regarding the increase in wages, such as the thawing of teachers’ careers, Centeno replied that the budget developments in Portugal have met all the targets set in the state budget and that was the most important point when it comes to the assessment.

“When we make an assessment, we always have to think what the future could be like and that we have to be prepared for that future, and this is always the tone of the discussion within the Eurogroup. As such, Portugal is no different from the other countries. We have to keep up the work that has been done with the results that have been proven in this mission”, he said.

Source: Lusa