T-Roc, Volkswagen’s new SUV, spurs Portugal’s vehicle-producing numbers

  • ECO News
  • 11 July 2018

Vehicle production has almost doubled, mostly due to Volkswagen's SUV T-Roc, produced at Autoeuropa. 154 thousand vehicles were produced during the first half of the year, accordingly to ACAP.

T-Roc boosted vehicle production in Portugal during the first semester of 2018, accordingly to data from the Portuguese Association of Vehicle Commercialization (ACAP). The number has almost doubled, and the increase has been motivated mostly by the focus on producing the new SUV model developed by Volkswagen.

In June 27,467 thousand vehicles were produced in the country, which represented a 104,7% growth in comparison to last year’s production results.

The statistics revealed by ACAP show that during the first semester of the year, vehicle production in Portuguese factories rose by 89,3% corresponding to a total of 154,045 thousand ready-to-use units. Same period last year showed factories were not even close to 100 thousand units. T-Roc stands out as the main reason for the sharp increase.

To meet the market demand for VW’s new product, Autoeuropa boosted its production targets to two SUV’s per hour being manufactured.