Rising passenger traffic leads ANA to raise Lisbon and Porto’s airport taxes

  • ECO News
  • 11 July 2018

Increase trend in passenger traffic in Lisbon and Porto makes Vinci Airports and ANA raise airport taxes by 1,63% and 1,01%, respectively.

Vinci Airports, through it’s subsidiary ANA, will apply higher airport taxes, both in Lisbon and Porto, later this year. The adjustement is made to compensate the passenger traffic increase that has hit their airports in Portugal. According to the company’s press release in the first quarter of 2018 passenger traffic had increased by 11,6%.

The report states that in Portugal “the 10 airports managed by Vinci Airports reported a 12% increase in traffic” noting that the growth is showing “the good performance of the five main airlines operating in Portugal”, while Lisbon “further comforted its position as an international hub with traffic rising 15,9%” and Porto reached a reassuring 12% growth.

According to ANA’s annual report, Lisbon Airport handled a total of 26,663,096 million commercial passengers in 2017 (up 4.2 million passengers and 18.8% in comparison to 2016).

The unexpected growth in traffic volume in Lisbon and Porto this year, however, means the airport’s management company will have to apply more taxes to adjust to these deviations.

The main commercial traffic indicators for ANA network airports in 2017 were the following, as the network’s report shows:

Considering the deviation in the passenger traffic ANA will adjust taxes in Lisbon and Porto Airports up by 1,63% and 1,01%, respectively and the company also advances that it will only apply these taxes in November and December. Although the company so far also pointed out it has no reason to state it will be a permanent amendment to the taxes.

ANA’s executive board has declared as well that the referred adjustment is supposed to avoid the accumulation of future tariff adjustments and will have no implication on the taxes the company will propose for 2019.