CaixaBank buys more shares in BPI. It now holds 93.462% equity

  • ECO News
  • 9 May 2018

After buying Allianz's stake, the Catalan bank went to the market and bought more securities from BPI. Instead of 92%, it now holds 93.462% equity.

CaixaBank keeps buying BPI’s shares. After acquiring Allianz’s stake, which raised their equity to over 90%, the Catalan bank went to the market to buy more securities from the institution headed by Pablo Forero. It now holds 93.462% equity.

“On May 7th of 2018, CaixaBank has acquired 7,678,947 shares from BPI in the regulated market. Due to that acquisition, it now holds 1,361,674,013 shares, representative of 93.462% of BPI’s social capital and 93.472% of voting rights in BPI“, is stated in a press release sent to CMVM.

The Catalan bank had 1,353,995,066 shares in BPI due to the acquisition of Allianz Europe and the Insurance Company Allianz Portugal, representative of 92.935% of BPI’s social capital and 92.945% of voting rights in BPI. The Catalan bank is increasing its stake as it prepares to remove BPI from the Lisbon stock exchange market.

“CaixaBank intends to request a shareholders meeting in the coming weeks to the Chairman of BPI General Assembly in order to approve the de-listing of Banco BPI”, CaixaBank stated in a press release sent to CMVM (Portuguese Market Securities Commission), disclosed last Sunday.