CEO of Fidelidade will enter BCP’s Board 

  • ECO News
  • 8 May 2018

BCP's board of directors will be smaller, with just 17 names. Nuno Amado will be chairman and Miguel Maya Pinheiro will be the CEO.

Millenium BCP will have a new leading team: Nuno Amado is proposed for the chairman position, and Miguel Maya Pinheiro will be the new CEO. The CEO of Fidelidade, Jorge Magalhães Correia, will become part of the bank’s board, since the insurance company is now held by Fosun, BCP’s largest shareholder.

In a press release to the markets, published on CMVM, the bank proposes 17 names for the board of directors, instead of the 19 that currently belong to that board. The proposal no longer includes names like Mário Pizarro (former governor of the National Bank of Angola and the representative of Sonangol in the bank) or António Mexia (EDP’s CEO) — the latter is leaving the bank after eight years.

As chairman of the board of auditors, BCP will have Norberto Rosa, along with Cidália Lopes and Wan Sin Long. The list also includes João Nuno Palma, José Costa, José Miguel Pessanha, Maria José Campos, Miguel de Bragança, Rui Miguel Teixeira, Teófilo Costa, Julia Gu and Xu Lingjiang.

Two other names appointed by the Angolan oil company Sonangol, which is allowed to name up to three administrators, are Ana Paula Gray and Valter Barros.

All names will be voted during the General Meeting scheduled for May 30. During that meeting, it will also be discussed a change on mandates of board members, extending them to 4 years, instead of 3. “This alteration intends to increase the number of years of the terms of office from 3 to 4, ensuring a greater stability in the performance of the functions of members of the corporate bodies”, is stated in the 7th item of the agenda for the annual general meeting of BCP.