Miguel Stilwell de Andrade is EDP’s new CFO

  • ECO News
  • 6 April 2018

The electricity company already chose who will replace Nuno Alves as EDP's Chief Financial Officer.

EDP’s General Assembly, this Thursday, gave its green light to the new administration headed by António Mexia. Now, it is time to distribute those job positions and ECO ascertained that Miguel Stilwell de Andrade has been chosen for the CFO position, one of the most sensitive and important jobs in the administration.

Miguel Stilwell de Andrade was already part of the previous administration as chairman of EDP Comercial. Now, he takes on the position left by Nuno Alves, who was both the financial administrator and the representative for relationships with the market and CMVM. Nuno Alves is leaving EDP, the largest Portuguese electricity company to pursue personal projects.

EDP’s shareholders approved the new administration of the team headed by António Mexia with 99.7% of votings. These are the other names included in the management of the electricity company:

  • João Manuel Manso Neto;
  • António Fernando Melo Martins da Costa;
  • João Manuel Veríssimo Marques da Cruz;
  • Miguel Nuno Simões Nunes Ferreira Setas;
  • Rui Manuel Rodrigues Lopes Teixeira;
  • Maria Teresa Isabel Pereira;
  • Vera Pinto Pereira.

The General and Supervisory Board will be headed by Luís Amado, former Foreign Affairs’ minister in the socialist Government of José Sócrates (2006 – 2011). Amado will take on the position that was until now Eduardo Catroga’s, who will represent EDP’s largest shareholders, the Chinese from China Three Gorges.