Altice Portugal drops the name “PT Portugal”, but keeps its brands Meo, Moche and PT Empresas

  • ECO News
  • 13 March 2018

Altice Portugal has announced, this Tuesday, the last stage of the internal and brand reorganization process. "Portugal Telecom" and "PT Portugal" disappear, leaving Meo, Moche and PT Empresas.

The board of Altice Portugal announced, this Tuesday, the last stage of the company’s reorganization process. The group will completely drop designations such as “PT Portugal” or “Portugal Telecom” to adopt just one institutional designation. Altice Portugal will maintain three of the largest commercial brands: Meo, Moche and PT Empresas, as well as the brands SAPO and Uzo.

The announcement was made by Alexandre Fonseca, CEO of the company, in a meeting with journalists in Altice Arena: “Let there be no doubt: we are Altice Portugal. Altice will be the brand that you will start to see in buildings throughout the country”.

The CEO of Altice Portugal further added: “In addition to being Altice Portugal, we will not abandon some brands: we will maintain Meo, Moche, PT Empresas, Uzo. We have a set of brands that are well known, historical. They will be commercial brands, of our products and services”.