Marcelo says sustainable growth is everyone’s concern in Portugal

  • ECO News
  • 2 March 2018

Portuguese President reacted, this Friday, Dombrovskis' statements about the need for Portugal to take measures to have a sustainable development.

The President of the Portuguese Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, stated this Friday that sustainable growth has been everyone’s concern — both the Government and the opposition –, and warned against external factors to the country that may restrain the Portuguese economy.

“This has been everyone’s concern in Portugal, that growth is sustainable. As far as we are concerned, we all agree — both the Government and the opposition — that we need more investment, more tourism and more exports. Luckily, that has been the case, which is why we have a sustainable growth”, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa stated.

Reacting to Dombrovskis’ statements, the President acknowledged that, concerning that growth, the country has “no control over” certain realities, like the imposition of protectionist measures from America, the “political evolution in European countries” or the “evolution of the European economy”.

“We have no control over some realities. We have no control over what will happen in the American policy of increasing import rates on European products. We have no control over the political and economic evolution in Europe. It is not up to us“, Marcelo highlighted.

When asked about Portugal’s need to increase public investment, Marcelo highlighted the country has been having “more private investment” and that, “as seen in the budgetary execution, public investment has also increased”.

German President commands Portugal for the “truly successful economic recovery”

On the other hand, on his second day visiting Portugal, the German President commanded “the truly successful economic recovery path” achieved by Portugal, highlighting the growth in the country’s confidence and optimism.

“I am glad to have seen, during this two-day visit to Portugal, a country that is in the path of a truly successful economic recovery, after years of financial and economic struggles“, stated Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The German President also stated he was “happy” to have seen an increase in Portugal’s “confidence and optimism”.