Tourists leave record value of 41 million euros per day in Portugal

  • ECO News
  • 21 February 2018

Income from tourism surpassed 15 billion euros. The tourism trade balance was positive in 10.9 billion euros, a 24% increase in comparison to 2016.

For the first time, income from tourism was over 15 billion euros last year, a record amount that follows the evolution of the number of guests welcomed by Portuguese hotel business. Tourists spent more than 41 million euros, per day, in Portugal.

These data were disclosed this Tuesday by the Bank of Portugal. All in all, tourism income ascended to 15,152,270,000 euros last year, which represents a 19.5% increase in comparison to 2016’s numbers. As for the Portuguese, they spend 4.29 billion euros overseas, an 11.5% increase. All in all, tourism registered a 10.9 billion euros’ balance, a 24% increase in comparison to 2016.

Therefore, tourism was responsible for almost all of the services accounts, whose balance ascended to 15.6 billion euros. As for the goods and services’ accounts, the balance was 3.5 billion euros.

These numbers are known after INE disclosed that Portuguese hotel businesses received over 20 million guests in 2017, a number that should increase to 22 million if short rentals are included in the accounts.