Autoeuropa pays double for mandatory work on Saturday

  • ECO News
  • 12 December 2017

Autoeuropa has notified its employees that the factory will start functioning on Saturdays as of the end of January. Those who want to work on that day will receive double payment.

Autoeuropa has notified its workers this Tuesday that the factory will start functioning every Saturday from the end of next January onward. The new production schedule of 17 weekly shifts will move forward unilaterally, after the rejection of the two preagreements previously negotiated with the Workers Council.

“By the end of January, we will start the 17 weekly shifts working model, which complies with the law and assures the production on Saturdays, in two shifts“, the company’s press release states. “We will clearly ponder on the feedback given from the result of the referendum. Although different opinions have been expressed over the many meetings that were held, we believe that the majority of employees are committed to complying with the production programme for next year”, the same press release adds.

Although it is a unilaterally imposed agreement, Autoeuropa’s administration promises to pay the work on Saturdays as overtime, which was one of the workers’ major claim. To this 100% payment of work on Saturdays could add another 25% if the quarterly production goals are met.

The new schedule, which will be enforced in the end of January, should prevail until August of 2018. Autoeuropa promised to discuss the period after August with the Workers Council. The new continuous labor schedules foresee four full weekends plus two consecutive days off every two months for each employee.