Airbnb hands in to Lisbon 3.1 million euros in tourist tax

  • ECO News
  • 28 November 2017

The company has raised 3.1 million euros in tourist taxes in 2017, an amount that reaches five million euros since May 1, 2016.

The Lisbon Municipality received 3.1 million euros from Airbnb, from the tourist tax charged during 2017. This information was disclosed to newsrooms by the company who states that since May 1st of 2016, the amount of money handed in to the City Hall ascends to five million euros.

“Airbnb, a world leader in short-renting platforms, has just announced that it led to a gain of 3.1 million euros in tourist taxes during 2017 in Portugal (since the beginning of the year until now)“, is read in the press release. “Based on the partnership between Airbnb and the Lisbon Municipality — about the gathering of the tourist tax of one euro per night spent in the Portuguese capital city — since the first of May of 2016, Airbnb had gathered and handed in to Lisbon’s Municipality a total of almost five million euros”.

“We want to be good partners to Portugal and, therefore, we are proud to have introduced this registration tool and of helping local families to share their homes and follow all the rules. We are also aware that short renting is an economic driver that helps governments increase their tax revenue“, Arnaldo Muñoz, country manager of Airbnb Portugal.

“Hosts want to pay their fair share of taxes and we are very pleased to be working with the government to help them, while we continue to head the industry on the subject”. Airbnb is, therefore, the only platform charging one extra euro for every night spent on the Portuguese capital city.