Six candidates applied for the control of Metro do Porto

  • ECO News
  • 9 October 2017

Out of the 26 who examined the terms of reference, only six companies presented their proposal for the sub-concession of the operation and management of the Oporto subway network.

After the public tender, Metro do Porto (Oporto’s subway) received six proposals for the sub-concession of the operation and management of the network between 2018 and 2025, the company stated in a press release. Twenty six companies had examined the terms of reference for the public tender.

The companies Barraqueiro, Corporatión Española de Transportes (Avanza), DST, MEAS/Manvia/ME SGPS/MGC (Mota Engil), Neopul and Transdev are the main candidates for the control of the operations of the subway for the upcoming seven years. The reference value of the tender is 221 million euros.

Out of these groups which presented their proposals, three Portuguese groups stand out: Mota-Engil, DST group and Barraqueiro, a group which heads Via Porto and that currently holds the concession of Metro do Porto. Among foreign candidates, the highlight goes to the French from Transdev, who had won the tender offer launched by the previous Government, but that the Portuguese PM António Costa reversed.

The only criterion for selecting the winner of this tender is the price. The jury of the international competition will now assess the eligibility of the proposals presented. In the next couple of days, the jury should present their report to the Board of Directors of Metro do Porto, which will analyse it and have a voting for the award decision.

After that, everything will go forward as foreseen by the law and in the programme of the tender offer, so that the company can begin the transition period on the first quarter of 2018 and begin their operations on April 1, 2018.Twenty six companies had examined the terms of reference for the public tender.