Former American ambassador returns to Lisbon, to Novo Banco

  • ECO News
  • 13 October 2017

Robert Sherman was USA's ambassador in Portugal until January of 2017. This time, he will return to the country because of Lone Star, namely to Novo Banco's General Supervisory Board.

The North-American fund Lone Star has chosen the members for Novo Banco’s new General Supervisory Board. Among them should be Robert Sherman — who, until January of this year, was the United States’ ambassador in Portugal –, ECO ascertained near sources close to the process. All Board members are foreigners and their chairman will be Byron Haynes; António Ramalho will continue being the transition bank’s CEO.

Sherman, a lawyer by profession, is a surprising choice and it was yet to be approved by the European Supervisory Authority, the entity that gives the green light to all people delegated to European banks. He was the USA ambassador in Portugal for the past three years, appointed by Barack Obama, and he has starred in public movements in favor of Portugal — for example, when Portugal won the European football championship against France:

As ECO had previously revealed, in addition to Byron Haynes, Lone Star appointed Donald Quintin, the fund’s number two in Europe, for the General Supervisory Board. Benjamin Dickgieβer, Lone Star’s European acquisitions department director and member of the German bank IKB Board, and Kambiz Nourbakhsh, former-Goldman Sachs, are two of the names appointed for the new General Supervisory Board. Only one name for the Board is left unknown and one more name will remain open for discussion until the end of the year, ECO ascertained.