Unemployment in Portugal should fall below Euro Area average in August

  • ECO News
  • 2 October 2017

Statistics Portugal (INE) project the country's unemployment rate will have a better result than the average Euro Area countries' percentage.

The Portuguese unemployment rate should stand below the Euro Area average, in August. According to the projections from Statistics Portugal (INE), unemployment in Portugal should stand at 8.9%, two tenths below the amount disclosed this Monday by Eurostat for the average Euro Area countries.

In the Euro Area, the unemployment rate remained stable in comparison to the previous month (9.1%). As for the EU Member States, the unemployment rate suffered a 0.1 points quarter-on-quarter decrease to the lowest number since November of 2008.

Among the EU Member-States (excluding Estonia and Greece, because Eurostat didn’t have data on these countries), the lowest unemployment rates were registered in the Check Republic (2.9%), Germany (3.6%) and Malta (4.2%); the highest unemployment rate was registered in Greece (21.2% in June) and in Spain (17.1%).

In Portugal, INE’s projection points to a stable unemployment rate of 8.9% in comparison to July, a month when it retrieved two tenths.