How much does Portugal spend on leisure, culture and religion? Little

  • ECO News
  • 7 August 2017

Portuguese public administrations are among those who spend less per inhabitant in leisure, culture and religion. Portugal also spends less in comparison to total expenditures. Or to GDP.

Portugal stands among the European countries who spend less public money in leisure, culture and religion. The perspective of the comparison doesn’t matter: Portugal’s public spending on these types of activities, whether concerning each inhabitant or the size of the total expenditure, are always small. The data is disclosed by Eurostat and concerns 2015.

Concerning GDP, out of all 28 EU members, Hungary stands out as the country which spends more on leisure, culture and religious activities: 2.1% of its GDP. This includes spendings with sports, cultural services and also TV, religious and cultural public services.

When only regarding the Euro Area countries, Estonia takes the front seat with a 2% of GDP expense, followed by Slovenia and Latvia (1.6% of GDP each). Portugal comes in the end of the table (16th place) at 0.8%, standing below the 1% average. If the analysis is made considering the weight of these spendings in public expenses, Portugal is also at the bottom, with 1.6% of the total expense.

Even when regarding the public expense per inhabitant, Portugal continues standing at the end of the table, spending 130 euros per inhabitant; Romania spends the fewest (97 euros per person). Luxembourg is the country which spends the most on leisure, cultural and religious activities (1.068 euros), followed by Denmark (843 euros) and Finland (565 euros).