Unemployment: number of subsidies stand below 200 thousand

  • ECO News
  • 21 July 2017

This is the smallest amount in almost 15 years. The number of people benefiting from unemployment subsidies decreased once again, and already stands below 200 thousand.

The number of people benefiting from unemployment subsidies has been decreasing and already stands below the 200 thousand threshold. In June, Social Security payed unemployment subsidies to 191,307 people, reaching a new minimum: one has to go back to September 2002 to find a lowest amount.

The around 191 thousand benefiting from unemployment subsidies — which include several types of unemployment aids — represent a 4.8% monthly decrease and a 13.4% homologous decrease. In addition, the number of unemployed has also been decreasing. The most recent data from IEFP point to 418.2 thousand unemployed in job centers by the end of June — the lowest register since the end of 2008. Only around 46% of unemployed registered in IEFP were receiving subsidies.

Nonetheless, there are more unemployed than those registered in IEFP. Statistics Portugal stated that the unemployed Portuguese population was, in April, 490.7 thousand people; May’s provisional numbers point to 484.8 thousand unemployed.