Marisa Matias will DJ in “Dijsselbloem Nights”

  • ECO News
  • 27 June 2017

The Bloco de Esquerda Euro deputy Marisa Matias will DJ at a party organized by the European Parliament Leftist Group. The goal is to fight against the current Eurogroup president's prejudices.

The Euro deputy Marisa Matias will take on the role of DJ M&M in tonight’s party called “DIjsselbloem Nights”, an event promoted by the European United Left Group to “fight stereotypes” against southern countries.

After the controversial interview to the Eurogroup President Jeroem Dijjsselbloem, the United Left Group from the European Parliament organizes this Tuesday and Wednesday two soirées dedicated to culture and dialogue; the first will concern Greece, Portugal and Cyprus, and the second will concern Italy and Spain.

Poster for Dijsselbloem Nights. Garcia Lorca, Belgium.

Tonight’s party is at Garcia Lorca, in Brussels, and the Euro deputy Marisa Matias from Bloco de Esquerda will take on the role of DJ — although it is her first time acting like a DJ. She will reproduce songs from the Portuguese April Revolution and walk through “the Portuguese music history from April 25, 1974 onward”, Marisa Matias told the Portuguese news agency Lusa.

The European Parliament deputy stated the goal of those nights is to “fight stereotypes” such as Dijsselbloem’s. The point is to show the richness of southern European countries’ culture, which includes showcasing traditional food from those countries.

Marisa Matias stated Dijsselbloem was invited, but did not yet RSVP.