Five central bankers who manage 8.76 trillion euros are gathered in Sintra, Portugal

  • ECO News
  • 26 June 2017

Bankers are gathered in Sintra, Portugal, to debate Investment and Growth. Five of them are in charge of 8.76 trillion euros and influence the world's monetary policy.

Five men are in charge of managing 8.76 trillion euros — the same is to say they are responsible for the management of 8,760,000,000,000 euros. Some of the world’s most influential central bankers are gathered in Sintra (around 25 km north from Lisbon) to discuss “Investment and Growth”, in the ECB Forum on Central Banking. Those men are Mario Draghi, Mark Carney, Haruhiko Kuroda, Karnit Flug and Stephen S. Poloz.

Hotel da Penha Longa in Sintra, Portugal. Lynn F / Flickr

Some of the most influential people in charge of the world’s monetary policy are gathered in the Hotel da Penha Longa, in Sintra. The ECB predicts that around 150 people from the different central banks will attend their 2017 Forum, as well as many economists and scholars.

The three day event starting this Monday will concern “Investment and Growth in advanced economies”. On Wednesday, Karnit Flug, governor of the Bank of Israel, will moderate a debate panel with Mario Draghi, Mark Carney, Haruhiko Kuroda and Stephen S. Poloz.