EDP is the most valuable brand in Portugal

  • ECO News
  • 20 June 2017

The electricity company continues to be the front runner in the ranking of the most valuable companies in Portugal, compiled by Brand Finance, surpassing Galp. BCP suffers the sharpest plunge.

What is the most valuable brand in Portugal? EDP. It’s nothing new: it was the best brand in 2016, and it now repeats the podium on the yearly Brand Finance ranking which places EDP ahead of Galp Energia and Pingo Doce. While these maintain their place, BCP took a sharp nosedive.

The electricity company value went from 2,335 to 2,683 million dollars, according to the consultant; the oil company headed by Carlos Gomes da Silva presented the most expressive rise in brand value (1,158 to 1,595 million), but it was not enough to dethrone EDP. The podium is complete with Pingo Doce, from Jerónimo Martins, valued at 754 million euros. Continente comes in 8th place.

CGD maintained its position, ahead of TAP, MEO (which went up in the ranking from 9th to 6th place) and NOS. BCP took the largest dive in the ranking, falling from fifth place to 9th place — Montepio comes in 22nd.  Closing the Top 10 is Cimpor, who went up three places in the ranking.

MEO went up in the ranking, but Portugal Telecom, owner of the brand, left the Top 10. Mota-Engil is behind PT, followed by Navigator which enters the ranking for the first time directly to the 13th position, the middle section of a 25 companies’ list. In the bottom are REN, Corticeira Amorim and Delta.