Reforms in Ukraine

  • Inna Ohnivets
  • 23 September 2022

We are looking forward to developing the cooperation between Portugal and Ukraine in the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine’s economy and infrastructure.

Despite the fact that Ukraine and Portugal are divided by thousands of kilometres, the two countries are close in their values and principles. Portugal strongly supports Ukraine on its path of democratic development and in its fight against Russian invaders. From the first days of the full-scale war, Portugal sheltered tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees. Not only the authorities of the country, but the Portuguese people extended the assistance to Ukraine. Humanitarian aid from Portugal has saved lives in Ukraine, and military assistance is now bringing the victory of Ukraine in the war.

Ukrainian soldiers have been fighting against russian full-scale aggression for over six months. While they defend the future of Ukraine at the frontline, it is a duty of the government to back up their sacrifices with the strong Ukraine’s statehood.

The reforms ensure Ukraine’s institutional strength – only such state will be able to win the war against the aggressor. Ukraine has repeatedly demonstrated its readiness to make important decisions, including challenging and unpopular ones. We are determined to invest in reforms, which is investing in our future victory.

Ukraine received the EU candidate status not only because of war emotions, but also as recognition of its progress on the path of reforms. It’s well-deserved result of consistent work on the implementation of reforms designed to bring our state closer to EU standards.

Against the background of the fall of GDP of Ukraine by 37.2% and inflation in August reached 23.8%, the priority tasks of reforms in Ukraine are to improve the living conditions of people; to effectively ensure their rights and freedoms and to increase their well-being; to simplify access to a wide range of services. Intensive reform is the basis of a human-centric approach to public policy.

We understand the need to strengthen good governance and the fight against corruption, which is crucial for the whole reform process. Important successes in this area have already been made through creation of a system of anti-corruption units; introduction of electronic declarations; functioning of public electronic procurement system ProZorro.

Improvement of the public administration system is aimed at advancing the efficiency and ensuring the availability of services provided to citizens. Important achievements – creation of a network of Administrative Service Centres and the launch of the Unified State Web Portal of Electronic Services Portal “Diia” (Action).

The functioning of effective and impartial justice is a key task of state policy. Judicial reform in Ukraine is designed to ensure equal access to justice and legal aid.

The reform of local self-government (decentralization) is recognized by the European Parliament as one of the most successful in Ukraine. It provides wide opportunities for citizens to directly influence the development of their places of living.

Ukraine is interested in attracting foreign investment, strengthening the protection of property rights; simplifying the registration process for subsidiaries and offices of foreign companies; protecting business against raiders.

Aiming to improve the business climate, we are optimizing the structure of the State Tax Service, reforming the financial sector, support small and medium businesses, transform the management system of state-owned companies.

A comprehensive reform of the education system ensures a quality accessible education at all levels through the program “New Ukrainian School” and the platform “All-Ukrainian School Online”.

Ukraine cares about the health of people – the medical reform is designed to ensure the availability of medical services (including through digitalization due to eHealth system).

We are loyal to the values of protecting human rights and freedoms. The ratification of the Istanbul Convention once again shows Ukraine’s rejection of various forms of violence and discrimination.

Ukraine strengthens air and railway transport routes with Europe as part of the infrastructure reform. After the victory over the russian aggressor and stabilization of the security situation Ukraine will take proper place in the European transport system.

Ukraine brings European standards to the national energy sector in order to form competitive markets with transparent pricing. In March 2022, Ukraine joined the united energy system of continental Europe ENTSO-E, a year ahead of schedule. Strengthening cooperation allows us to supply Ukrainian electricity to the EU market, stabilizing demand and prices.

Ukraine supports the EU’s efforts to combat environmental threats and ensure environmental security. The goal of Ukraine’s climate policy is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 35% of 1990 levels until 2030.

We are looking forward to developing the cooperation between Portugal and Ukraine in the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine’s economy and infrastructure, which will unite our states and peoples even more. Together we will build the peaceful and prosperous European future.

  • Inna Ohnivets
  • Ambassador of Ukraine to Portugal