Greenvolt inks deal with Bluefloat Energy for offshore wind farm

  • Lusa
  • 26 April 2023

Carlos Martin, CEO of Bluefloat Energy, said that "entering the Portuguese market is a natural extension" of its "floating wind strategy for southern Europe".

Greenvolt has reached an agreement with Bluefloat Energy, a specialist in the area of floating offshore wind power for projects in Portugal in this segment, according to a statement issued by the group.

Greenvolt and Bluefloat Energy, “a world reference promoter in offshore wind power generation, have signed a partnership agreement in Portugal,” said the Portuguese company, which operates in the wind and solar photovoltaic areas.

According to the same note, “offshore wind power generation is a key pillar in the European Union’s (EU) decarbonisation strategy, and Portugal has been one of the pioneers in implementing floating wind technology”, adding that there is in the country “a huge potential for offshore wind generation, which is now recognised by policymakers seeking to unlock the potential of this technology to contribute to the economy’s decarbonisation goals”.

Therefore, “Greenvolt and Bluefloat have decided to join forces to turn this vision into reality,” the note said, which added that “this highly complementary partnership combines the valences of the two companies.”

According to the statement, “Greenvolt brings local development and licensing expertise as well as strong brand recognition in Portugal, while Bluefloat Energy contributes extensive technical knowledge in floating wind power and unique expertise in this technology.”

“Through this partnership with Bluefloat Energy, one of the reference companies in the offshore segment, with vast experience in floating technology, Greenvolt maintains its strategic positioning, expanding its developer skills to the offshore segment in Portugal,” said João Manso Neto, CEO of the Greenvolt group, quoted in the same note.

Carlos Martin, CEO of Bluefloat Energy, said that “entering the Portuguese market is a natural extension” of its “floating wind strategy for southern Europe”.

Bluefloat Energy operates in the segment of offshore wind power generation to “provide solutions to accelerate the important process of decarbonisation” and has “about 24 GW [gigawatts]” in the pipeline for offshore wind projects in several countries: Spain, France, Italy, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Colombia and Portugal.