TAP ranks sixth among world’s airlines on safety

  • Lusa
  • 4 January 2023

Airlineratings.com's ranking is led by Qantas, followed by Air New Zealand, Etihad Airways.

Portugal’s national flag carrier, TAP, is the world’s sixth safest airline, in a ranking that is headed by Quantas of Australia, according to data published on Tuesday by Airlineratings.com, which monitors the performance of airlines in this respect.

In an article published on Tuesday on its website, the organisation, which gives various ratings to airlines, reveals that this year its top 20 for safety has TAP in sixth place.

The ranking is led by Qantas, followed by Air New Zealand, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, TAP Air Portugal, Emirates, Alaska Airlines, EVA Air, Virgin Australia/Atlantic, Cathay Pacific Airways, Hawaiian Airlines, SAS, United Airlines, Lufthansa/Swiss Group, Finnair, British Airways, KLM, American Airlines and Delta Air Lines.

According to the director of Airlineratings.com, Geoffrey Thomas, quoted in the same article, “these airlines stand out in the industry and are at the forefront in safety, innovation and the launch of new aircraft.”

In drawing up the ranking, he said, the organisation analysed “accidents over five years, serious incidents over two years” and audits of leading sector entities and associations.

The age of an airline’s fleet, expert analysis of pilot training, and Covid-19 protocols in their activity are also analysed.

“However, all airlines have incidents every day, and many are due to aircraft or engine manufacturing issues, not airline operational problems,” stresses Thomas in the article, adding that it “how the crew handles these incidents” that distinguishes a good airline from an unsafe one.