‘Malicious’ cyberattack hits BCP

  • ECO News
  • 3 October 2022

The Portuguese bank reveals it was attacked by "malicious entities, from outside".

BCP was the target of a cyberattack by “malicious entities” who, from outside, are “directing intense and not legitimate requests to the bank’s website and apps,” an official source told ECO. The bank’s website and mobile app are experiencing access limitations this Monday.

“As of 2 pm today, malicious entities, from outside, are directing intense and not legitimate requests to the site and the apps of the bank, preventing the access of customers. The bank has taken the necessary measures to mitigate these effects, and most customers are now accessing the site without difficulty,” BCP explained.

In a first official statement, the bank said it had detected the source of the problem and expected to restore services soon.

This is the latest cyberattack on major Portuguese companies, after TAP, Impresa, Vodafone, and also other media such as the Lusa news agency and Newsplex.

(Article last updated at 4h43 pm)