Renewable energy demand soars 137% in July

  • ECO News
  • 29 August 2022

Faced with increases in the price of electricity and gas, the demand for services and products linked to renewable energy has seen an increase that, by the end of the year, could reach 180%.

The increase in the price of gas and electricity triggered a rush of the Portuguese to renewable energies during July. According to data from the Fixando service contracting platform, demand for products and services associated with renewable energies shot up 137% when compared with the same period in 2021. The analysis was carried out with 2,600 users and 1,200 experts, between July 1 and August 25, 2022.

According to the statement released this Monday, based on the current record, the app that connects customers to specialists in all service areas estimates that demand will continue to increase and that later this year it will reach 180% compared to 2021.

“Indeed, the prices charged by professionals and companies have grown exponentially, mainly due to the scarcity of labour and materials,” reads Fixando’s statement. As an example, the company reveals that the installation of solar panels in 2021 cost €420 per service and is currently around €590 per service, that is, a progression of 40.5%.

“This increase in demand comes at a time when Portuguese families are increasingly concerned with variations in energy costs and are looking to invest in alternatives, not only more sustainable but also that guarantee them some relief in monthly expenses,” clarifies Alice Nunes, director of New Business at Fixando.

The districts where there are more requests from clients are Lisbon (17%), Porto (15%), Setúbal (10%), Aveiro (9%), Braga (8%) and Leiria (8%). Most users seek these services for homes with areas greater than 100 square metres (89%) and, despite the increase in prices, 42% state that they intend to have the solar panels connected to the network, with only 25% preferring their connection.