British-Portuguese alliance facilitates export of construction materials to the UK

  • ECO News
  • 20 July 2022

Portuguese Certif and British Cares sign agreement for faster and less expensive access to UKCA marking on construction products, which by 2023 will replace European CE certification in the UK.

Less than half a year before the end of the Brexit transition period, with the CE marking no longer recognised in the UK on January 1, 2023, the body that leads product certification in Portugal (Certif) has signed a new agreement to facilitate the export of construction materials to the British market.

The understanding with the British Cares, a world leader in the certification of steel for construction, aims to award the UKCA marking, which from next year will be mandatory for goods circulating in that economic area. The audits carried out by the Portuguese entity are accepted by the British congener, “only having to pay costs relative to the accompaniment and analysis of the technical documentation.”

This agreement, like another already initialled with the BBA in the second half of last year, allows “a Certif client that already has the CE marking and wishes to export to the United Kingdom can more easily access the UKCA marking, mandatory for construction products on the respective list, which is similar to the Construction Products Regulation.

In a note sent to ECO, the body created in 1994 and led since 2008 by Francisco Barroca – claims market leadership in CE marking for construction products – estimates that 60% of construction products imported by the United Kingdom come from the European Union. “For several Certif client companies this is a market with interest and, therefore, the concern to establish agreements that facilitate future business,” justifies the company.