Portugal’s GDP per capita is 7th lowest in the EU

The country's GDP per capita, expressed in purchasing power standards (PPS), stood at 74% of the European Union average last year.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita in Portugal, expressed in purchasing power standards (PPS), was the seventh lowest in the European Union (EU) in 2021. Portugal is 26% below the EU average, according to Eurostat this Wednesday.

Portugal recorded a GDP per capita, in PPS, of 74% of the European Union average last year, being the seventh country with the lowest index. It is therefore 26% below the average of the Member States.

Looking at the bigger picture, GDP per capita has a wide disparity between Member States, ranging between 55% of the EU average in Bulgaria and 277% in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg and Ireland recorded the highest levels of GDP per capita last year, at 177% and 121% above the EU average. This was followed by Denmark (33% above), the Netherlands (32% above), Sweden (23% above) and Belgium (22% above).

On the other hand, at the bottom of the table is Croatia (30% below the EU average), Slovakia (32% below), Greece (35% below) and Bulgaria (45% below), countries with the lowest GDP per capita. Apart from these countries, only Latvia and Romania had a lower GDP per capita than Portugal.