President of AMT wants to tighten control on Uber drivers

  • ECO News
  • 9 December 2021

Ana Paula Vitorino defends greater supervision of Uber drivers, as changing the law that regulates the TVDE electronic platforms will not be enough to improve the activity.

The president of the Mobility and Transport Authority (AMT), Ana Paula Vitorino, considers that the alteration of the law regulating electronic platforms for transport in uncharacterised vehicles (TVDE), which has been in force since 2018, will be insufficient to improve the activity.

Speaking to Jornal de Negócios, Ana Paula Vitorino argues that it is necessary to train and certify Uber drivers, which will only be effective if there is more supervision “by all the competent entities”. The president notes that “there are at least two TVDE operators that are licensed to train TVDE drivers, which cannot happen,” and therefore distorts “the reasons for the legal existence intrinsic to training,” she points out.

The type of contract that TVDE operators sign with their drivers should also be more closely monitored, along with the relationship between platform operators and their drivers, adds the AMT leader, considering that “it should be permanently demanded that each of the intervening parties in the transport ‘chain’ fully performs its obligations”.