EC pays €17.26B until September under PT 2020

  • Lusa
  • 26 November 2021

In total, the European Commission has transferred 64% of the amount programmed in Portugal 2020 (PT 2020).

The European Commission (EC) transferred 64% of the amount programmed in Portugal 2020, of €17.26 billion until September, keeping the country in second place among the states that received the most funds.

In total, the EC has transferred 64% of the amount programmed in Portugal 2020 (PT 2020).

Portugal has received the second-highest rate of interim payments, behind Lithuania, among the member states with larger financial envelopes (over €7 billion), with six percentage points above the European Union (EU) average.

Portugal ranks 5th in the number of transfers among all the member states, below Poland, Italy, Spain and France.

The EC transferred a total of €276.4 billion to the 27 member states, 6.2% of which went to Portugal.

According to the bulletin, at the end of the third quarter, €29.9 billion of funds were approved to support a total of €52 billion of investments.

In this period, €17.4 billion of funds were executed, with €5.3 billion in the area of competitiveness, €3.4 billion in human capital and €3.3 billion in rural development.

By September, payments to beneficiaries stood at €18.2 billion, or 68% of the total allocation of PT 2020.

With an overall allocation of around €26 billion, the Portugal 2020 programme consists of a partnership agreement between Portugal and the European Commission, “which sets out the programming principles and priorities for Portugal’s economic, social and territorial development policy between 2014 and 2020”.

The first calls for proposals of the PT 2020 programme were opened in 2015.