Local elections: Rui Moreira loses majority in Porto

  • ECO News
  • 27 September 2021

The independent candidate, supported by the Liberals and the CDS-PP, will serve the third and last mandate in the municipality of Porto without a majority.

Rui Moreira won the local elections in Porto for the third time, but, contrary to what happened in the last four years, he will have to govern the country’s second-largest city without an absolute majority in the municipality.

The last count shows that Moreira obtained 40.72% of the votes and elected six local councillors, one less than in the last elections. The PS list, headed by MP Tiago Barbosa Ribeiro, got 18% and three councillors.

The PSD, which four years ago had recorded the worst vote ever in Porto (10.39% and only one councillor), managed this time to increase the number of votes to 17.25% and elect one more representative. Vladimiro Feliz, who was once Rui Rio’s deputy in the City Council, was behind the Socialists.

With 7.51% of the votes, the CDU will keep the historic Ilda Figueiredo as councillor. And the Bloco de Esquerda (BE), which presented the independent Sérgio Aires in this municipal race, collected 6.25% and elected, for the first time, a representative.