EU digital certificate no longer required in restaurants from October 1

  • ECO News
  • 23 September 2021

This measure is expected to be approved this Thursday by the Cabinet.

As of October 1, it will no longer be mandatory to present the European Union’s (EU) Covid-19 digital certificate or a negative test in order to gain access to the inside of restaurants, cafes and pastry shops on Friday nights and at weekends, according to the Público Newspaper.

The measure should come into force with the new stage of the lockdown easing plan and is expected to be approved this Thursday in the Council of Ministers. It remains to be decided whether the presentation of proof of vaccination or a negative test will continue to be mandatory to enter hotels.

However, The certificate will continue to be mandatory for those entering bars and nightclubs, which will also open on October 1. The use of masks will remain a requirement in enclosed spaces, but capacity limits will cease to exist in restaurants, both indoors and outdoors.