New tolls in Spain threaten Portuguese exports

  • ECO News
  • 26 August 2021

ANTRAM foresees the impact of the new tolls in Spain on Portuguese exports, estimating a cost increase of up to 8% in exports to France and 7% to Germany.

Faced with the Spanish government’s plans to introduce tolls on 12,000 kilometres of “high capacity roads”, the Portuguese Association of Public Transport and Road Transport of Goods (ANTRAM) foresees an increase in costs for Portuguese exports, estimating between 6% and 8% for exports to France and 5% to 7% for exports to Germany. The information was reported by Público.

ANTRAM explains these prices were calculated assuming a value of €0.15 per kilometre for the new tolls, similar to what is practised on other Spanish motorways, which will translate into an increase of €90 for each truck that crosses Vilar Formoso to the border of Irún. The tolls will also affect imported products, which will be charged between 5% and 7% on imports from France and between 4% and 6% on imports from Germany.

This measure will mainly affect the Portuguese motorways linking Vilar Formoso to Burgos and Caia to Madrid, on which 45% of the heavy-goods vehicles crossing national borders travel.