Ryanair launches 26 new routes this winter with €300 million investment in Portugal

  • ECO News
  • 24 August 2021

The launch of 26 new routes will create 300 new jobs, Ryanair assures. Airline company invests €300 million in the country.

Ryanair will increase the number of aircraft at its Lisbon base with three new aircraft, a total of seven from November, which will allow it to create 26 new routes, bringing the airline’s destinations from Portugal to 124. This is a €300 million investment that will create 300 new jobs, the company announced on Tuesday.

“Ryanair’s growth in Portugal stimulates the rapid recovery of tourism and the Portuguese economy, creating more than 300 new well-paid jobs for pilots, cabin crew and IT developers in Lisbon, Porto, Faro and Ponta Delgada,” the company said. The new destinations include Bari, Agadir, Lanzarote, Malta, Palermo.

CEO, Michael O’Leary, notes that Ryanair is a “major investor and employer” in the country and pledges to continue investing “as we remain committed to the recovery of tourism in the regions and the creation of well-paid local jobs.”