TAP collective dismissal reduced to 82 workers

  • Lusa
  • 11 August 2021

The collective dismissal at the Portuguese airline will cover 82 workers, down from the 124 previously planned.

The collective dismissal at TAP will cover 82 workers, down from the 124 planned, following adherence to voluntary termination measures, an official company source told Lusa.

Jornal de Negócios reported late on Tuesday afternoon that collective redundancies at TAP would be reduced to 80 workers.

The airline began a collective redundancy process on July 26 for 124 workers, covering 35 pilots, 28 cabin crew, 38 maintenance and engineering workers and 23 head office staff.

On Thursday, the Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Trade Union (Sitema) filed an injunction to suspend the collective dismissal of its TAP workers, which was filed in the Loures Labour Court on August 2.

On July 27, several unions representing TAP workers announced that they would take legal actions to halt the collective dismissal.